BMC Youth Climbing Series 2016 – Round 2.

On Saturday 27th February the second round of the BMC Youth Climbing Series (YCS) was held at The Foundry in Sheffield.

I started the day by getting there nice and early but unfortunately the doors stayed closed for ages so we ran to the Tescos round the corner and back as a bit of a pulse-raiser and when we got back the doors were open.

After the group warmup we started on the boulders which I was happy about because I hadn’t had a chance to thoroughly read the routes yet.

YCS Round 2 - first boulder problem
Doing the first boulder problem.

On my first attempt the first boulder I messed up on the really dynamic last move but kept my composure and managed to top it on my second go.

On the second boulder I had seen my friends in the other groups try this so got some beta from them which I think helped.  It looked harder than the first one but once I got up there I topped it without too much trouble which put me in a good frame of mind for the third boulder problem.

YCR Round 2 Boulder 2
Boulder 2.

The third problem was fine I felt the easiest of the three which I did more easier than the other two.

We then had our lunch break and I route read the lead climbs we would be doing in the afternoon.  I thought they looked really hard but then again I always think everything looks hard!

Route reading with my friend Abbie
Route reading with my friend Abbie.

We started on the second route as the Boys B group were still on our first one.  After seeing all my friends top this second route I was really nervous and got on the climb a bit shakily.

YCS Round 2 - Route 1
Doing the first route in the afternoon.

The whole way through this route I felt like I could fall off at any point so I was really glad when I topped it and moved on to the next one.

Secondly we did route number three which I was most worried about because it was on the big overhanging wall and I was not confident in leading.  After watching two of my friends top it it was my turn and I got to the last section of the club without too much difficulty.  I thought that I would have topped it but the last move was a really big reach without any footholds and I fell just before gripping the last hold.

YCR Round 2 Route 2
Going through the roof on route 2!

Even though I was really gutted to miss out on the point I really enjoyed the fall and it helped my confidence!

For our last climb of the day we had the route we were supposed to do first and I wasn’t too worried as most people before me had topped it.

YCR Round 2 Route 3
Topping the final route.

I got to the top and was really please because I figured I would have placed third in this round if I got my maths right.

YCR Round 2 podium
The podium.

As I thought, I came third, Ettie Warren came second and Asha Kiggins came first. Well done everyone!

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