Boulder 360 – it’s back!


It’s back!! Boulder 360 is happening again this year! (For last years Boulder 360 click here or here).

Me taking part in Boulder360 last year!
Me taking part in Boulder360 last year!

On the 21st December 2016 me and my friend Abi plan to try to climb every single boulder problem in The Climbing Works to raise money once again for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

Me and Edie presenting the cheque for £1182.65 for last years Boulder360
Me and Edie presenting the cheque for £1182.65 for last years Boulder360

Last we we raised over £1,100 so want to try again and see how much we can raise this year.

After doing  it last year I know how hard it is because after nine solid hours of climbing I was completely exhausted, so please sponsor us on our BT Donate page here –

There are over 360 problems in the Climbing Works of varying grades from the greens to the blues.  Each circuit has this many problems :

Green (Font 2 – 3)  : 40
Red (Font 3 – 4)  : 35
Pinkle (Font 5+)  : 38
Irn Bru (Font 4 – 5)  : 38
Yellow (Font 5 – 6a)  : 39
Black (Font 6a – 6b)  : 40
Wasp (Font 6b – 6c)  : 36
Murple (Font 6c – 7a+)  : 30
Orange (Font 7a – 7b)  : 24
Blue (Font 7a+ – 7c)  : 25

Total climbs – 365 (3 more than last year!)

If we got to the top of every single one this would be over half a mile of straight up climbing!

Last year's Boulder 360.

Obviously though we don’t expect to be able to finish every single problem, but we’re going to make sure we at least try them all.  We’ll also keep track of which ones we climb and which ones we don’t so we can add them up at the end and I’ll post the results on my next blog.

The Sheffield Children’s Hospital is an extremely important charity as they help children who really need it. I have a link to them as I was quite poorly with my eye when I was little and could have been really serious but the lovely doctors and nurses at the hospital made me better and were really kind to me.  They’ve also looked after my brother and lots of other poorly children from all over Sheffield, Yorkshire and even further away.

Me taking part last year.

You can follow our progress on the day on my Twitter feed @EmilyTheClimber.

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