5 New Years Resolutions

Sorry about this being a bit late ūüôā

I would really like 2017 to be an amazing year for my climbing progress and I have decided to make five new years resolutions to help me improve.

#1- Blog Every Sunday

Even though this is not a climbing goal, it is something I would love to do in the new year as I really enjoy writing these  blogs and, hopefully, it would partly motivate me to train so that I have even more to blog about.

#2- Jog Every Day

This resolution will perhaps be the hardest for me to keep as¬†I may have to face¬†my ULTIMATE FEAR- mornings! I want to do this to improve my overall health and fitness but it will be difficult as I don’t sleep very well so find it hard to wake up early.¬†During the winter the only time I would have to jog whilst it’s still light would be the morning so that’s why it would be so hard.¬† Another option is that I could¬†jog after school in the local¬†gym which would probably be more practical but maybe less beneficial as I wouldn’t be able to run my fastest due to the fear of falling off the treadmill.

#3- Sleep More/Better

This goal ties into my last resolution and out of all my resolutions I will probably see the benefits first so it will have the most immediate impact of my climbing performance. ¬†I would like to get around 9/10 hours of sleep every night as I only get about 7 at the moment and it often leaves me with little energy for my training session the next day. I am going to achieve this by planning out my night routine so I don’t lose track of time or keep putting off going to bed.


#4- Leading Confidence

This resolution is maybe the most mentally challenging out of all of them because I have a terrible fear of leading.  Whenever I am on a lead climb I almost never push myself hard enough to improve as I just get so scared that I have to come down.  Hopefully, now that I am in the Awesome Walls team I will improve a lot because my friend was once as scared as me and now she is really confident when trying hard lead climbs.  I will also try and improve my confidence when I have coaching sessions with Ollie Torr.

Leading at Awesome Walls
Leading at Awesome Walls

#5- Comp Performance

This is probably the most important goal of 2017 for me as it is what all of my other goals will eventually impact. I really want to improve my performance at competitions because I want to see all the hard work that I have been putting in pay off.  Also it would be amazing to compete in more national finals like I did two years ago.  I have taken a break from competitions in the later part of 2016 and I think it has made me come back more determined.  To improve my competition performance I think I could try to relax more on the day because one of the main reasons why I made mistakes last year was due to stress.


I would like to keep all of these but I realise how hard that will be so I will just try my very hardest to.



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