Ace Squad!

On the 11th of December 2016 I tried out for the Awesome Walls Ace Squad and, thankfully, I got in!


Exactly a month later on the 11th of January we had our first training session.  Well it was more of a test really, not a bad, scary test just one to figure out what we need to do to improve and also see if we have any injuries that the coach’s would need to be conscious of whilst training.

First we did a few arm exercises to see if it hurt any joints, I felt a few twinges but nothing to worry about I’m sure.

Next we did the one thing I was not looking forward to, plank test!  I was really gutted with this as I got distracted and my form got worse so I was called off. I got 1min 53seconds which I’m disappointed with as I know I could have got a lot better 🙁 .

Then we did a flexibility test where I had one foot in front of the other and I had to try and make my front foot come as far back as it can with my knee touching the wall in front of me and my front foot’s heel on the floor.  I did quite well and my foot was 17cm away from the wall which is considered quite good.  This made me feel better from the plank test.

Image result for ankle flexibility exercises against wall

We then did a balance test where we had to balance on one foot with our eyes closed. I have actually been working on balance recently so I was happy when I got 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Next, we had a standing jump test. we had to measure our reach standing upright next to a wall and then jump and measure the distance between.  I think I got around 32cm which was the same as my friend Abi.

Image result for standing jump test


Finally we did a five jump test where we had to stand and jump forward without stepping forward or getting a running start five times and we would measure the distance.  I did alright but I think I could have done better, I got about 11.9 mtrs.

Image result for 5 jump test

After that we just climbed for about half an hour in the bouldering wall and had loads of fun making up challenges and trying hard climbs.

All in all I absolutely loved my first session in the awesome walls team and I have high hopes for the future!

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