WARNING: Some costumes may not be appropriate for younger readers!

On Saturday the 28th of January I went to possibly the most amazing and entertaining competition that I have ever watched, the BIFF (Beastmaker International Footless Festival).  If you don’t know what the BIFF is, it is a climbing competition where you are not allowed to use your legs.  You must get up the climb by pulling up on the holds with your hands/arms only.

I watched the semi-final and final at The Climbing Works where there were some ‘interesting’ costumes!


It was really busy in the semi-final but nobody minded as there was a great atmosphere and it was fantastic to see how everyone tried the climbs differently.  These lasted for about  two hours and every so often me and my friend would go and try one of the climbs. This is a video of me doing one:

When the scores had been tallied and challenges set, the finals were ready to begin.  The first challenge was a speed climb, still with no legs of course,  where the winner stayed on until the next round.

Then it was ‘The Strong Jump’ where the competitors took it in turns to swing double handed from one bar to another. Those who missed the bar after three attempts were eliminated.  The record length of the night was 3mtrs!  This was done by Nathan Phillips, Louis Parkinson and Aiden Roberts.

Next was the final round and it was also the most fun.  Two competitors had to hang on a giant slippery buoy and whoever stayed on the longest won that round.  It got really interesting when the competitors stated kicking each others buoy to knock them off!   The winners then went up against each other along with the other finalist competitors.

The winners of the day were Gracie Martin and Aiden Roberts so well done to them!!

It was an amazing event and thankyou to Beastmaker and The Climbing Works for making it happen!

Photos by Dom Worrall, thank you for letting me use them.

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