5.10 – Blackwing vs Anasazi LV

In this post I am going to be comparing my two favourite climbing shoes , Anasazi LV‘s and the more recent Blackwing‘s and eventually I will crown the winner!

Number one:

Aasazi LV (Womens)

These have been my shoe of choice for many years until only a few months ago when I decided to wear Blackwings for a change and I have yet to decide which I prefer.


-Very good on slabs, the rubber helps you smear up the wall and use small footholds without slipping.

-Fit very well. These shoes are very comfortable and fit exactly on my feet so there is little discomfort.

-Adapt to fit your feet after sustained periods of use so you can fit them a little small but they will eventually mould around the shape of your foot.

-These shoes are flat which means they aren’t very aggressive on your toes so comfier than the majority of downturned shoes.


Overall these shoes are very versatile and have been my favourite for as long as I can remember!

Number two :

Blackwing (Womens)

(My tip – order a size bigger than you would wear on flat shoes e.g if you are a 4.5 normally, order 5.5, I learnt the hard way!)


-Amazing precision, especially on roof or overhanging climbs

-No aggressive heel like a lot of downturned shoes so pretty comfortable

-Do not come off on heel hooks.  Some shoes start to slide off when you pull on heel hooks. (if you fit them too big they may slide a little)

-Grippy rubber that does not slip easily on small or particularly flat ones.


Now that i have compared them side by side I now have decided that my favourite shoe of all time is……. THE ANASAZI LV!!  After much consideration I realised that nothing can beat my original favourite. Maybe next time Blackwing!


*sorry for not posting in AGES I am going to try and post more regularly from now on*

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