Typical training session

Last night I went to the Climbing Works with my Dad for a training session.  I’ve been working on a training plan set by one of my coaches (Tom Randall).

I started with a good warmup where I do 30 seconds of skipping, followed by 8-10 shoulder activations.

Skipping during my warm up
Skipping during my warm up
I then use my elastic theraband to warm my shoulders up.

Using the theraband for my shoulders
Using the theraband for my shoulders
I do these three times each and then do about 10 easy climbs to get properly warmed up.

Part of my training plan includes some slab sessions to try and get more confident and better and this is what I was last night. I have to try EVERY problem on the slab twice, and if I flash it my Dad takes out a hold and I have to try it again. If he thinks it’s an easy climb (which he usually does, but he’s clueless!) then he takes out two or three to make it even harder.

Doing a "wasp" on the slab
Doing a “wasp” on the slab
Some are easy and some are so hard I can hardly even start them but there are a lot that I can do so it’s good trying them. This usually takes about an hour.

As we didn’t have to rush home  we stayed a bit longer and I tried some hard climbs that were really interesting and fun.

Climbing on the comp wall
Climbing on the comp wall
Then we went home and I did my back exercises and core work that had been set by Tom Randall and Ollie Torr.

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