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5 New Years Resolutions

Sorry about this being a bit late 🙂

I would really like 2017 to be an amazing year for my climbing progress and I have decided to make five new years resolutions to help me improve.

#1- Blog Every Sunday

Even though this is not a climbing goal, it is something I would love to do in the new year as I really enjoy writing these  blogs and, hopefully, it would partly motivate me to train so that I have even more to blog about.

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BMC National Academy (Bouldering) – Depot Manchester

On Saturday 16 January I went to the BMC National Academy at The Depot climbing centre in Manchester.  These academies are open to climbers who finish in the top 10 in the YCS final or make it to the final in one of the Open Youth competitions (leading or bouldering).  As was 6th in the YCS and made the final 3 times in the Open Youth Boulder comps I was invited.

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